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Our goal is to create students who can learn, apply and become productive and successful as a result.

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the 4 elements of a course

Each serves a specific purpose to ensure a unique learning experience.
It's why courses on enlight have a completion rate 15X greater than the industry average.


Help 1

These steps are all about teaching the student something.

You can write a document, have them download a file, watch a video, read a PDF or even link to an external website.

There are 8 methods of sharing your knowledge with all files stored securely on enlight.


Understanding is the hallmark of learning. The only reason to study is to understand something so it can be applied.

You can choose 7 different methods to test students understanding and application.

This unique feature provides a truly special learning experience not available on any other platform.


Another powerful feature unique to enlight is the Review steps.

These steps are designed to allow the student to take notes and self rate themselves as well as being able to see what their answers are for various parts of the course.

You can choose from 6 different methods of Review, each providing valuable insight for both you and the student.


Allows you to control the flow of the student through a course.

For example, you can restrict a student’s progress until a certain step is passed.

with enlight you can

Monetize your content with online courses using various question types, videos and more to build paying subscribers.
Create Marketing Funnels that drive leads and sales 24/7 to your course.
Build a Membership site with monthly recurring revenue.
Create onboarding procedures for new recruits and clients.
Build low cost introductory services for your business.
Host your entire website and videos on a secure, robust platform.

enlight. engage.

Instructor & Student Chat

Anyone can put a video online and call it a “course.” But if you truly want to share your knowledge and ensure your students and team are learning and able to apply the information, then the Instructor and Student Chat feature are a must.

Hi John, I’ll mark them right now. Hang tight.Very well done! You passed!When will you mark my answers?Type your message here…Awesome. I’m really enjoying this training.You’re doing great John. Keep going!Student Chat

Student Points

To monitor student progress, enlight provides a Student Point system. Each step of a course can be assigned a different point value.

Instructors and students can track their progress by the total Student Points accumulated during a course.


Student Resources

The student has easy access to all resources via the Student Dashboard.

The Library allows students to easily find resources, such as videos and downloads that are part of a course.

PDFSpeadsheetEmbedded Video

build. market. teach.

Branding & Custom Domains

The Student Dashboard and courses are branded with your logo.

Choose between a co-branded domain such as or a custom domain like

Branding & Custom Domains

You can build your entire website on enlight, with Pages.

Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Legal pages, such as Privacy and Terms, About Us page and more. Pages has an easy to use editor, and for the more advanced users or web designers, you have access to HTML and CSS.

Funnels & Upselling

When a student completes a course you can automatically offer the next course.

Build your entire marketing funnel starting with a free course, then offer a $99 course, then a $499 and more.

If you combine training with other products and services, use enlight to encourage the sales process from one purchase to the next.

Branding & Custom Domains

Build it and they will come… as long as you have a killer website, seamless payment processing, an engaging marketing funnel and professional branding.

With enlight you can do it all.

Multiple User Access

Enlight provides 5 different levels of User Access to accomodate all businesses, big and small.


Access to all functions within the platform.


Access to Student Chat and can mark assignments.


Can create courses, add team members, instruct students, and all functions in the platform.

Web Designer

Access to edit Pages and course marketing.


Access to the translations menu to translate your content into other languages.

Multi-language Platform

Enlight speaks your language.

With enlight you’re unrestricted. Anyone with an internet connection can enrol on your courses, at any time, no matter where they are.

And we take it one step further.

We remove the language barrier too. With enlight you can publish courses in 12 different languages:

Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (British), English (US), German, Hungarian, Latvian, Mexican Spanish, Russian, Spanish

Student Membership

Build recurring revenue with a Student Membership.

All courses created on the enlight system can be sold individually as well as bundled together for a monthly subscription.

Looking for an all-in-one solution for a Membership Site?

enlight can do it, easily.

Payment Integration & Promo Codes

Enlight integrates with your Stripe account, so students can enrol seamlessly and securely.

No waiting for payments either. Payments land directly in your stripe account, instantly.

Create unlimited Promo Codes to track marketing campaigns, encourage upsells, re-engagement and referrals.

15X greater completion rates.

Industry “average” online course completion rate
Completion rate considered “exceptional” by the industry
enlights’ completion rate across tens of thousands of students