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Sick of online learning systems that don't get your students completed?

Same here.

Enlight provides real time student analytics to get your students through their course with full understanding.







What makes Enlight different?

Real time student analytics.

We track student progress and actions allowing us to spot problems early.

We'll create your course

Use our concierge service and watch our team of course building ninjas create the online course you always dreamed of.

Instructor Lead Training

Our team will guide your students through the course, making sure they "get it" and can apply what you teach.

Online Payments Made Simple

No complex e-commerce site to setup, simply link up your Stripe account and start accepting payments for your course.

Result Driven Real Time Student Analytics

We help you guide your students to completion of your course ensuring real comprehension, not just ticking boxes. And so much more than multiple choice.



  • Full ability to edit the course material
  • Can edit marketing materials on the site
  • Invite team as managers or instructors
  • Assign points for tracking student completion
  • Have content available in steps, video, pdf, html, other sites
  • Multiple step types including essay questions, file upload assignments, listing, ordering, arranging, multiple choice, self rating and more
  • Edit course checksheets, sections and steps within the section, drag and drop ability to rearrange

The media you need

We've got you covered

Online courses need a variety of content. From video to websites, PDFs and any medium in between. Enlight allows you to use them all.

Todays student expects to consume study material in many different formats. Sometimes this means linking them to an external website, providing them with a ZIP file of course material, or having them watch a video. Enlight allows you to utilise these formats, plus many more.

Instructor lead training

Ensure student comprehension

Enlight's unique instructor lead solution provides a real alternative to automated training and achieves amazing results.

  • Instructors guide students through the course, keeping them engaged in training
  • Ability to talk to instructors and get real time feedback and guidance on the course
  • Online chat function with students to debug them

Student progress tracking

No-one gets left behind

Enlight uses a special method of ensuring your students get through your courses by tracking their progress and creating interaction with your team.

Our student points system allows you to track your students progress through any course. By allowing you to assign different point values to different steps, you can reward the completion of some steps more than others, allowing you to accurately spot actual student progress and overall production of your online training.


  • Individual per question marking and feedback to ensure comprehension
  • Analytics on course completion, who has finished what
  • Provide downloadable certificates for course completion


  • Accept online payments for your courses
  • Set your own pricing on courses
  • Online sign up, full integration with your Stripe account for accepting credit cards online. No coding required
  • Provide free or "pay what you want" courses to students


Full course set up concierge service

You've already written your content, let us help you build your online course and business.

The concierge service is a full service setup process where we:

  • Use your existing material or manuals to create and design course questions and answers
  • Create the course on our system for you, ready to go
  • Help you setup payment processing to accept card details and payments direct from the Enlight platform straight into your bank account
  • Design landing pages and branding of your custom site
  • Provide ongoing student marking support service
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