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Enlight is more than 4 times more effective than traditional learning systems.

What makes Enlight different?

Instructor lead training ensures students fully understand their topic of study. Ensuring understanding leads to student success.

Instructor lead training

Instructor Lead Training

Get students through their course with full understanding of the material, so they can really apply what they learn.

Pay for what you use

Pay for what you use

We charge based purely on usage. Had a quiet month? You'll get a quiet bill from us :)

Media options

Media Options!

Complement your courses with videos, PDF's, documents, spreadsheets and even external internet sites!


Instructor lead training

Ensure student comprehension

Enlight's unique instructor lead solution provides a real alternative to automated training and achieves amazing results.

Traditional online training suffers from major drawbacks, most especially the lack of human interaction. This means students may not fully comprehend their study material.

Enlight solves this issue by providing students with an instructor lead system where each answer is checked by a real person. This ensures that students fully comprehend their material. This methodology has shown to significantly improve student training completion and ability to apply the materials they have learned.


Use the media you need

We've got you covered

Online courses need a variety of content. From video to websites, PDFs and any medium in between. Enlight allows you to use them all.

Todays student expects to consume study material in many different formats. Sometimes this means linking them to an external website, providing them with a ZIP file of course material, or having them watch a video. Enlight allows you to utilise these formats, plus many more.


Student progress tracking

No-one gets left behind

Enlight uses a special method of ensuring your students get through your courses by tracking their progress and creating interaction with your team.

Our student points system allows you to track your students progress through any course. By allowing you to assign different point values to different steps, you can reward the completion of some steps more than others, allowing you to accurately spot actual student progress and overall production of your online training.