Here it is, all laid out for you

1. We Will Build Your
Course Platform

You have a course in mind, have written material and you need an online platform where people can learn, understand and apply what you teach.

Our Enlight Concierge Service takes that idea and all of your material (your words, images, videos, files) and creates a course where students can participate.

OCreate your enlight account and contact us for the Concierge Service pricing to fit your needs or go ahead and build it yourself. From there you will upload all of your materials for the enlight course building ninjas who will create your course platform for the world to learn from.

That's right; with the Concierge Service, we will build your online course platform for you; no fussing around at your end and you will get these features and more.

2. Customisable Pages

You have full HTML and CSS access to design your external pages. In fact, Enlight can save you on hosting fees by hosting your website on our servers. You can get your web designer to implement your designs, or for a small fee, we can do this for you providing you with a custom link to your website.

Need an "About Us" page? Or an "Our Services" page? Go ahead!

Of course, this is also fully editable and customisable by you or your web developer, allowing you to create the pages you need to draw students to your site.

3. Customisable Courses

Each course created by you, or our concierge team, is completely editable by you or your team members through our powerful course editor.

You can add and delete steps, modify the text and even translate your course into multiple languages.

Select from our more than 20 step types including multiple choice, assignments, essay questions, sorting, listing, self-rating plus all the information type steps you need from videos hosted on our platform, Youtube or Vimeo to PDFs and HTML documents and uploaded files for the student to download and upload once done.

4. Students On Board

Once your course platform is built, your courses created and everything is set up; it's time to start contacting your existing readers or students and getting them signed up and rolling on your course

While we will do out best to get enlight out there to the masses, just like any business, you will have to help bring students to your course room. You do this by directing students to your Enlight homepage and your per course landing pages. There they can read your custom marketing material and just sign right up with their credit card with no further work from you.

5. The students sign-up & you get paid; simple.

There are no complicated e-commerce functions to setup, no programming or scratching your head. Just connect your Stripe account to the Enlight platform and start receiving money as your students enrol.

Simple, no fuss payments, direct to your bank account.

If you don't have a Stripe account yet then just sign up at for free

6. Guide your students through the course

Guide your students through your course, making sure they "get it" and can apply what you teach

7. Track Progress with Student Points

Each step of every course can be assigned a value of points, use these points to track student progress or allocate them for Professional Development or Continuing Education reporting requirements.

Students are also shown the points progress to keep them motivated to continue, and of course, you can export this data as a CSV at any time.

8. Access to Resources

Every student enrolled can be given access to various resources you upload into the system, allowing them at any time to review further material you have given them access to in the platform.

9. Student Membership

You can also get your students to sign up for an ongoing membership to your platform, giving you a reliable, monthly income stream.

This option allows you to release "Members Only" content which can be videos, articles, or even whole courses. This is up to you.

10. Graduates

Congratulations! Your students are completing their course and are raving about what they have learned. You must be proud!

Each student who completes a course receives a certificate of completion which states their new accomplishment and so they can show it off to all of their friends, employers and colleagues.

On our higher plans, you can customise the background on this certificate to match your overall branding. This certificate is mailed to the student as a printable PDF.

Also, as they complete a course, you can add a "Sign Up" step that prompts the student to sign up for their next course they now should do driving conversions and more revenue.

Onwards and upwards!

Sell your course to the masses!